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How to Buy a Pre-Owned Car or Truck?

how to buy a pre-owned car or truck

What’s the Best Method to Buy a Used Car?

To get the max value out of the car buying experience you should consider buying a used car, truck, or SUV. The other owner has already dealt with the fact of new car depreciation, allowing the next buyer to pay less than when it was purchased new. Buying a used car usually gets you a nicer trim of the car you want. However, there could be some doubt when it comes to purchasing a pre-owned car. Pre-owned vehicles might have repairs coming, scheduled maintenance intervals may be coming, and it might not have any manufacturer warranty left. Plus, financing rates can be lower on new vehicle purchases. To this extent, it’s important to have a plan before you buy to understand what you require, what you can afford, and to figure out a reliable dealer to make your next purchase from.

Research Which Vehicle You Need

Research Which Car You Need

Figure out what car you need, so you can narrow your search. If you have a larger family you might need an SUV or minivan, if you are single, then maybe you opt for the convertible. Deciding what you want is the first step, now you must find it for sale, without too many miles, and in good shape. It’s not quite as simple as buying new, but with our collection of used cars we’ll likely have what you’re searching for.

Decide How Much You Can Afford

Figure Out How Much You Can Afford

For a lot of us, our finances trump what we want. To ensure you can get the most car for your money, figure out what you want to spend before you search for vehicles. You need funds for a down payment, how much money are you able to spend? Try out a loan calculator and run some numbers to find your sweet spot of a payment. Better yet, get pre-approved for a loan BEFORE you come to test drive the car you want. You will have an idea of the payment cost and it should save you time in the end.

Locate a Dealer You Trust

Locate a Trustworthy Dealer

The best deal does NOT always come with the lowest price. Buy-Here-Pay-Here dealerships may not have the know-how to adequately repair all pre-owned vehicles. Shop at a dealer that’s been in business for a while and will not disappear when something breaks. Review recent customer reviews to see how problems are taken care of and if other shoppers recommend the dealership. Shop for your vehicle with confidence by shopping at a trustworthy dealer.

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What’s Your Vehicle Worth?

Don’t forget about trading-in your vehicle. Your old car could be worth money and may even have enough value to provide you a down payment on your next vehicle. Your trade-in combined with a down payment will allow you to get a better deal. We will take almost any car on trade, even if it has negative equity. Call one of our professionals to schedule an exclusive assessment of your car.

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